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Frente metálico de colores Young Users

Frente metálico de colores Young Users

Frente metálico de colores Young Users

$ 499.99

Descripción del Producto

  • A metal front cover with a colorful decor allows you to change the appearance of the selected piece of furniture from the Young Users series. This is a simple way to refresh the decor and protect the front against scratches.
  • Do you want to personalize your wardrobe or chest of drawers? Choose a metal front cover that will give the furniture a new character.
  • Installing the accessory is quick. In a few moments, you can slide the cover onto the front of a closed cabinet or a module with drawers.
  • The product is compatible with many pieces of furniture from the Young Users collection. These include a cube cabinet, a chest of drawers and a corner wardrobe. The metal cover protects the front of the furniture against damage. It is also a clever base for notes, drawings and magnets.
  • If you are wondering which overlay to choose, you can use the VOXBOX program and create a virtual visualization of the interior.
  • Other covers for Young Users furniture are also available: colorful boards, game boards and comic graphics.

ancho: 52.7 cmaltura: 52.5 cm

The front top is available in 16 colors: light blue, blue, purple, red, light pink, lemon, yellow, green, white, black, dark silver, steel, pea, ash, light gray and orange. So you have a lot of freedom as to what the final piece of furniture will look like.
The colorful front top can be used for many years or can be easily replaced with a new one when the room owner's preferences change.

The front top is durable because it is made of steel - a raw material that is resistant to minor mechanical damage that may occur during everyday use.
  • Material: powder-coated steel

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